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FILMPARK Babelsberg - live erleben!

By presenting your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card you get a discount of 50% on the regular price of EUR 17.

Directly before the gates of Berlin, the film park Babelsberg abducts into the world of film and television. Annually between Easter and Halloween, you experience three different live-show, visit fascinating displays to film craft and film trick and let yourself on a thrill ride in the 4D-Actionkino or during the simulated dive in the original submarine film set "Boomer". The "original GZSZ-film set, the glass sandman-studio and the station of the child radio TEDDY give an insight into current productions.

Look behind the scenes of film and television!

For further information please visit the website

Hard Rock Cafe

Owners of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card receive a discount of 10% on food and non-alcoholic beverages at the Hard Rock Cafe restaurants in Berlin and Munich.
The discount is also given at the Rock Shops.
*Discount cannot be granted when already promotions are done on the product or service!

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Heide Park Soltau

grants a discount of 50 % for the admission charge in Heide Park Soltau. Please show your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card at the point of sale.

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SEA LIFE Deutschland               

By presenting your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card you get the second ticket free. (Buy one – get the second free)
For further information please visit

Discover over 4,000 marine creatures from smooth hound sharks and seahorses to rays on an area of 1,800 square metres.
Experience the AquaDom, the biggest free standing aquarium in the world, filled with 1 million litres of water and home to a collection of stunning tropical fish.

Enjoy a fantastic journey through the unbelievable underwater world and discover more than 3,000 fresh and saltwater fish in over 40 displays.

Go on a fantastic journey through the North and East Sea and explore depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Come face to face with turtles, sharks, rays and many fascinating marine creatures in the fascinating eight metre long glass tunnel.

Discover the beauty of the native underwater world and experience a legendary journey through the “Nibelungensage”, the “Sunken City of Atlantis” and “Captains Nemos Kingdom”. Come face to face with sharks and rays in Germany’s unique 360° glass tunnel.

YDiscover a unique local and Mediterranean underwater world in more than 30 tanks.

In more than 30 displays, one with more than 250,000 litres of water, you can experience and discover the life of rays and sharks.

Discover the fascinating underwater world and admire more than 20,000 sea dwellers - mussels, seahorses, starfish, jellyfish, sharks and stingrays. The highlight is the tropical ocean tank with more than 1.5 million litres of saltwater.

A thrilling journey through the underwater world. 30 pools are home to more than 100 species of creatures ranging from mussels to sharks.

Timmendorfer Strand:
Discover an amazing array of colourful marine life through the spectacular ocean tunnel, containing more than 200,000 litres of water.

Hamburg Dungeon

By presenting your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card
you get the second ticket free (buy one get one free) The "Hamburg Dungeon" is a must see. The exhibition embraces the visitors unspraringless, and reveals the dark side of Hamburg's past.

The show includes the big fire of 1842 caused by Klaus Störtbeker and his pirates.

This exihibition is nothing for slight nerves and faint of heart.

For further information visit the website at

Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin               

At the entree of the Legoland Center in Berlin, owners of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card get a discount.

It´s all about the unique indoor attraction for the whole family, where visitors can discover the wonderful world of LEGO.

Have a look at the homepage:


In 2007, Europa Park grants a special price of EUR 15.00 when you are an

owner of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card. You can visit the park as often as you want in summertime from March 31 to November 4.

Fellows have to pay the normal price. Please go the information desk at the main entrance.

Accommodation in the Europa Park Resort
April 29 until May 13
May 20 until May 25
June 10 until June 29
September 9    until September 28

4 bed/5 bed rooms 3 bed rooms double room single room
per adult € 49,00 per adult € 54,00 per adult € 65,50 per adult € 100,00
per child € 31,50 per child € 37,00 per child € 49,00  
*(4-11 years)
additionally the entrance fee:
Expedient 1 day € 15,00 2 day € 30,00 3 day € 45,00
adult 1 day € 30,00 2 day € 55,00 3 day € 68,00
children (4-11 years) 1 day € 26,50 2 day € 48,50 3 day € 60,00

Please make your reservation before traveling in written form by fax +49 78 22 - 86 55 45. The offer will be granted when it´s available. There has to be one travel agent in a each room. That´s very important that the travel conditions can be allowed. Please show your Travel Agent Card and a valid identity card, if you don´t do that, it´s not possible to get the special price.

For further information about Europa Park have a look at

Phantasialand Brühl

By presenting your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card you get a special entrance fee of EUR 18.

Discounts at hotel rates
(valid any day except public holidays and accomodation from Saturday until Sunday)
single room € 71,00
double room € 105,00
3-bed room € 133,00
4-bed room € 159,00

Discount is not valid during the months July and August.

The offer is limited to one room with a maximum of 4 people.
Please advice at least 2 days in advance. The Travel Agent Card holder must be personally present to grant the discounts stated above.

For further information please visit

CentrO.Park Oberhausen

By presenting your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card you get a discount of EUR 3 on the regular price of EUR 12.

For further information have a look at