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First Choice Austria GmbH

The Austrian tour operator Delphin Touristik and Nazar offers you the following:

20 % discount for you and your companion when booking a product from the catalogue

15 % discount for you and your companion at special offers

New destination: TABA, Egypt´s high luxury region
Delphin represents the new charter destination TABA. For further information please click

Further information on the tour operator please see

Carnival Cruise Lines / Princess Cruises


5 % extra for travel agent specials

When you are owner of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card, Transocean grants a discount of 5 % extra to the special travel agent offer.

Here you can have a look at the current special offers for travel agents:

Current travel agent offers

Please fulfill the
travel agent application and send it to the given fax number.

For further information about Transocean


Owners of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card get an additional discount of 5 %.

Do you want to discover Studiosus or Marco Polo personally?
Studiosus makes it simple and cheap: Choose your trip from a Studiosus or Marco Polo catalogue and get in touch with the sales management. They will tell you how much your discount will be. Then they send you a special application form for travel agents. They grant a discount of 40 % and an additional discount of 5 % for owners of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card.
The amount of the discount depends on the departure, date of departure and the annual sales of the travel agency. A discount will also be granted for fellows. Studiosus would be glad to welcome you on one of their trips.

Further infomation you will get when you call + 49 (089) 500 60 - 557 or

Schmetterling Reisen

Of all journeys of the tour operator Schmetterling...

with an annual sales up to EUR 10.000 :
=> 20 % travel agents
=> 10% fellowpassengers

with an annual sales more than EUR 10.000 :
=> 40 % travel agents
=> 20% fellowpassengers

bookings at srh24:
=> 15% for travel agents & fellow passengers

The discounts are only valid for offes of the actual catalogues of the tour operator "Schmetterling".


grants a discount of 25 %.
The discount is just available for owners of the Schmetterling Travel Agent Card.

You will get the discount on summer residence or advanture park bookings in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Check the availability in your CRS and make an option.
Send a fax to DanCenter 040 - 32 75 91 with a copy of your Schmetterling Travel Agent Card and a hardcopy of the option from CRS.
Further information visit the website here:
www.reisebuero.dancenter.com or by phone 040 - 30 97 03 0.
There won´t be any reduction of PEP-offers and special offers which are already reduced.


The discount of 20 % will be also granted for extras, like borrowing ski or courses etc.

The travel agent discount will be granted for the room of the travel agent, that there will be a resume discount of 20 %.
The permission of the agency and the travel agent discount means 20 %.

It´s just possible for travel agents and their fellows sharing the room with the owner of the Schmetterling
Travel Agent Card to get this discount. Other persons who travel with the
Travel Agent Card holder don´t get a discount.
SnowTrex is Germany´s biggest travel business for winter sports and it is part of the Travel Trex Reisen GmbH in Cologne. They are specialized in Low-Cost-Ski trips. They have offers for more than 70 destinations in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Swiss and the USA.
For further information: 0221/3360600 or by mail with the subject "Expedient Schmetterling" to


For Travel Agent Card holders a discount of 25 % will be granted for all trips from the current SUNTREK catalogue.
68 fantastic trips from the Canyons in the West to the big cities in the
East, from the wilderness of Alaska in the North to the end of the world in the South.

New: Australia!!!

Please check availabiliy online at


grants a discount of 15 % on the total price.

Important: The discount will be only granted on bookings by phone.
+49 (0) 24 21 / 12 20


grants a discount of 25 % on the all round price.

Important: The discount will be only granted on bookings by phone. +49 (0) 2421-1220